Press Release: Enemy Tree, LLC™ Launches New Powerful Bookmarking App Called Pinpoint Bookmarking™

Pinpoint Bookmarking on mobile

Enemy Tree, LLC™ launches new powerful bookmarking app called Pinpoint Bookmarking™

The only app that allows you to bookmark exactly where you’ve left off

Longmont, CO – Enemy Tree, LLC™ announced the US release of its native iOS app, Pinpoint Bookmarking™.  This patent pending technology is the first app that allows users to bookmark exactly where they have left off reading, whether it’s an online article, web book or in hundreds of apps.

“While there are many read-it-later apps, there is not an app that allows consumers to mark down to the letter where they’ve left off in online content,” said John Rokos, CEO, Enemy Tree, LLC.  “It makes returning to finish reading a snap, and will be a game changer for students, professionals, commuters, and really anyone that has a passion for reading.”

Seamlessly integrated into the Apple iOS Share Sheet, Pinpoint Bookmarking™ allows consumers to utilize the app within any web browser and hundreds of apps, like Feedly or LinkedIn.  Pinpoint Bookmarking™ creates a centralized location for all bookmarked material, whether it’s pinpoint bookmarked™ or standard bookmarked.  Users can search by title and URL to filter through their cache of content.

Finally, Pinpoint Bookmarking™ allows users to highlight text and share it, whether to text, email, or a social media platform.  “I wish I had had something like this in college, because it would have made researching for all those papers easier,” said Jana Rokos, COO, Enemy Tree, LLC™. “I think anyone that has to sift through a lot of reading material will find this app helpful.”

Pinpoint Bookmarking™ is available in the the iOS App Store starting today June 27, 2017 for $1.99. A premium version will be available soon as an in-app purchase for $9.99/year or $.99/month. Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Premium will take reading and researching to the next level with automatic sync between iOS devices, automatic backup, unlimited tags, advanced search and more.


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