Patent Granted for Pinpoint Bookmarking™!!!

A Pinpoint Bookmark™ set within the patent of Pinpoint Bookmarking™

Over 3 years ago we started on our journey to patent our incredibly unique Pinpoint Bookmarking™ technology. That journey came to a successful close three days ago, on Tuesday, February 25, 2020, when we were granted the patent for Pinpoint Bookmarking™ by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). It was a hard-fought battle, with numerous twists, turns, and rejections, but we met every one of those challenges with deeply considered and researched rebuttals, and, in the end, made it through, and we couldn’t be prouder. Here are a few details, as well as a link, to the USPTO official page for the granted patent for Pinpoint Bookmarking™.

Patent #  10,754,910; 

Name – Digital multimedia pinpoint bookmark device, method, and system; 

We first unveiled Pinpoint Bookmarking™ in our game changing, next generation, RSS news reader, Mosaiscope™. It allowed our users to Pinpoint Bookmark™, down to the word, letter, or punctuation, exactly where they left off in an article. Our users loved it, and continue to excitedly use it in Mosaiscope™ today. However, we did hear from a good number of our users who were in love with the feature, who wanted the ability to use it outside of the Mosaiscope™/RSS world.

That lead to us creating the stand-alone Pinpoint Bookmarking™ app. It allowed our users to bookmark any content on the web, as well as content inside many apps as well. But, not only to bookmark that content, as has been around for a LONG time, but to also be able to Pinpoint Bookmark™ within that content so they could get back to exactly where they left off whenever they were ready to dive back into their content.

Pinpoint Bookmarking™ patent with a pinpoint bookmark
A Pinpoint Bookmark™ set within the patent for Pinpoint Bookmarking™.

The longer the content, the more Pinpoint Bookmarking™ shines. Say you’re reading an extremely long and in-depth 10,000 word article, and you know it’s going to take you a few days, or even a week or more, to get through it, and you’re not looking forward to playing the game of “where did I leave off” when you come back to it. With Pinpoint Bookmarking™ that annoyed feeling, that has made many of us give up on finishing many an article, is gone. Or, you’re reading a shorter article of a few hundred or a thousand words, and the dog bumps you with their nose because it’s walk time. Now, it’s no big deal, because all you need to do is set a Pinpoint Bookmark™ to come back to it later, exactly where you left off.

And, the patent for Pinpoint Bookmarking™ goes even further. It not only covers using it with text, but also covers its use with images (which, actually, already works, but take a bit of a trick to use), with audio, with video, and within AR/VR applications. With such broad application expect some exciting updates about Pinpoint Bookmarking™ in the future.

Officially receiving the patent on Pinpoint Bookmarking™ from the USPTO only validates our strong sense that this was something special, novel, non-obvious, and extremely useful. Thank you all for enjoying our products (Mosaiscope™ & Pinpoint Bookmarking™) with this incredibly technology built into them, and thank you for sharing in our joy of receiving this great honor of a granted patent.

Until next time, and much love,

The Pinpoint Bookmarking™ team

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