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About two months ago I checked an email inbox I rarely look at. There was an email there from Philip Kasumu who runs the fantastic #podcast Startup Handmedowns. It was an invitation to be on the show. Only thing was, the invite was about 6 months old. Yikes! But, I wrote back anyway and, about a month ago (on Friday, September 18, 2020), Philip and I were on the phone talking and recording. 

I had a blast talking with Philip, sharing some stories from my BIC and Tesla days, as well as what I’m doing now. It’s a little long, and I talk WAY to much, but I still think it came across really well and it was super fun (The podcast officially posted on Wednesday, September 30, 2020). 

Philip is a great host and I really enjoyed spending the time with him to share some stories and my perspective on things. 

Find the podcast at the link below, listen directly to the embedded audio on this page, or find it wherever you listen to quality podcasts 😉

Startup Handmedowns – Episode 92: We Were Selling One Car Per Month When I Joined Tesla – JOhn Rokos – Angel Investor and Entrepreneur (NOTE – The title is actually factually incorrect. I told Philip that we were “DELIVERING” one car per month when I joined, NOT “Selling” one car per month. You can hear me say this at about 32 minuets into the episode. I told him about it so it’s up to him to change the title, if he chooses).

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