Here are the most Frequently Asked Questions we get about Pinpoint Bookmarking™.

Why do you charge?:

Because we are not selling user information to 3rd parties or making money through advertisers, we charge an upfront fee for the app.  Your privacy is important to us.  In addition, our parent company is completely bootstrapped, so your investment in buying the app helps us continue to sustain, develop and improve the technology.

How do I install the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Action Extension in the iOS Share Sheet so that I can Pinpoint Bookmark™ something?

We actually have an entire page set up to explain this (not that it’s that hard, we just use a lot of pictures). Find it here:

Install Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Action Extension in the iOS Share Sheet

I’m having issues seeing my Pinpoint Bookmarks™:

Although it’s rare (as Pinpoint Bookmarks™ can be seen on approximately 98% of web content), there can, sometimes, be issues seeing them after you have saved them. The most common issues are:

  • Facebook – Unfortunately, Pinpoint Bookmarking™ does NOT work on Facebook.  Because Facebook was built as a closed system, there is nothing that we can do to make our app work within Facebook.
  • Dynamic Content – If you Pinpoint Bookmark™ on a page that has dynamic content (say you Pinpoint Bookmark™ something on the home page of the NY Times), since that content changes all the time, and likely what you are Pinpoint Bookmarking™ will be one of the dynamic items, it will likely get pushed off the page and, and thus, you will not be able to get back to your Pinpoint Bookmark™. This, unfortunately, is what happens with dynamic content, so make sure you are on a page that will likely stay static, so our Pinpoint Bookmarking™ technology can find it on the page.
  • The 2% – Although Pinpoint Bookmarking™ works on approximately 98% of web content, that leaves about 2% of the web that uses super custom, or convoluted code.  Unfortunately, Pinpoint Bookmarking™ will not work on those sites and pages.
  • iPhone to iPad (and vice versa) – In about 50% of cases, the site you see on your iPhone is different than the site you see on you iPad (and vice versa). It may look relatively the same, but a change in screen size is detected by the site and a completely new style of site is generated for the different screen size. This means, to Pinpoint Bookmarking™ it’s a completely different site and page then you Pinpoint Bookmarked™ on your other device, thus we can’t find where you set your Pinpoint Bookmark™. We are currently working on some pretty cool solutions, which we will roll out over time. However, if you are having a hard time getting to your Pinpoint Bookmarks™ going between devices, this is likely the issue.

I bought the Premium version of the app, but nothing is syncing:

To fix this open the side menu, choose the “Premium” section to get it to drop down the sub-menu, then select “Sign In/Out”. Once there, sign in with your Pinpoint Bookmarking™ account. That should get you back to your content.

Can I Pinpoint Bookmark™ to an image?:

YES, you can Pinpoint Bookmark™ an image. The only issue is, due to the way iOS is set up, you CANNOT directly select an image and then Pinpoint Bookmark™ it. This means you have to trick the system a bit and you actually have to highlight some words with the image you want to Pinpoint Bookmark™ to, then move the handles so it just selects the image, then choose “Bookmark” from the pop-up menu, and you are good to go!

How can I open a URL in the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ app?:

Here are the steps of how to add a URL to Pinpoint Bookmarking™-

  1. Copy URL from browser
  2. Open Pinpoint Bookmarking™ App – Pinpoint Bookmarking™ will see that you have a URL copied to your clipboard and will reveal options of what you can do with it.
  3. Choose “View and Save URL”

If the above doesn’t happen, leave the app and come back to it. This sometimes happens and it just needs a quick “reset” by leaving.

How can I set a reminder to read something later?:

Reminders are and easy to remind yourself to read or check on something you have saved into Pinpoint Bookmarking™.

Setting a reminder is simple:

  • Open a saved item
  • Touch on the “clock” icon at the bottom of the page
  • Set your reminder
Pinpoint Bookmarking™ read reminders.

A Standard app user has access to the pre-set reminders (Later Today, Tomorrow, Next Week, Random).

Premium subscribers get access to specifying an exact date and time.

How can I “un-delete” a bookmark?:

Although there is NO way to un-delete a Pinpoint Bookmark™, there is a way to un-delete a general bookmark. Here’s how-

  • Open the side menu (by touching on the triple line icon in the upper right corner of the app)
  • Touch the “Bookmarks” header to reveal the sub-options
  • Touch “Deleted” to be taken to all your deleted items
  • Find the item you want to un-delete
  • Open the item
  • Once open, choose the “bookmark” icon that now appears in the bottom menu
  • The article with get pout back into your feed and will be re-time-stamped and will show up at the top of your feed

Is this really patented?

Yup. Here are the details on the patent –

  • Patent # – 10,754,910
  • Name – Digital multimedia pinpoint bookmark device, method, and system

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