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Pinpoint Bookmarking is the first read-it-later app that allows users to bookmark exactly where they have left off reading online content in iOS devices.  Whether it’s an online article, content within hundreds of apps, or a web book, this patented technology allows users to mark down to the letter, word, or even punctuation mark where they have left off reading.  It puts an end to re-reading to figure out where the user has left off.  The basic app boasts additional features like, the ability to share key passages from online content to social media and tagging.  A premium version of the app is also available, which provides users with features like automatic sync, reminders and more.


A GIF of Pinpoint Bookmarking™ in action


  1. Available On (iPad  I  iPhone)
  2. Pinpoint Bookmark™ (iPad  I  iPhone)
  3. Share Sheet – Choose (iPad  I  iPhone)
  4. Action Extension – Save (iPad  I  iPhone)
  5. Pop-Up Menu – Set (iPad  I  iPhone)
  6. Feed (iPad  I  iPhone)


Pinpoint Bookmarking™ app icon with TM


  • App Store Link
  • App Name
    • Pinpoint Bookmarking™
  • Apple App ID
    • 1223708339
  • Version
    • 1.0
  • Platforms/Devices
    • iOS Only (iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch)
  • Developer Name
  • Category
    • News
  • Pricing
    • FREE (requires creating an account)
      • OR
    • $1.99 (Freemium upgrade in app – does NOT require an account)
      • OR
    • In-App-Purchases Subscription
      • Premium Subscription
        • $0.99/month
        • $9.99/year (~16% discount)
  • Original Release Date
    • June 20, 2017


Pinpoint Bookmarking™ is the first read-it-later app with where-you-left-off™ functionality, powered by our patented Pinpoint Bookmarking™ technology. With the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ app you can save both standard and Pinpoint Bookmarks™. Standard bookmarks save in the app to be read later. Pinpoint Bookmarks™ save in the app and allow you to mark down to the exact place in the content where you left off reading, so you can quickly pick up exactly where you left off later.

The app is embedded into the iOS share sheet, and can be used in any mobile web browser and within hundreds of apps. The basic app is a one-time purchase and does not require you to create an account. It comes with a limited, but robust, set of features like: unlimited standard and Pinpoint Bookmarks™, manual sync, 5 tags to organize your content, basic search of saved content by title and URL.

If you are looking for more power and convenience, the Pinpoint Bookmarking™ Premium service has more to offer. With an in-app purchase of $0.99/month or $9.99/year, and after creating an account, you get all the features of the basic app and much more. Premium features include automatic sync between devices, additional view options, advanced search (which includes full text search of your saved content), unlimited tags, automatic backup, reminders and more.

We hope you love your Pinpoint Bookmarking™ experience, and if you are feeling generous please leave us a rating and a review. It make a huge difference. Also, if you have any issues or questions please contact us directly at This is the best way to let us know if there is anything we could be doing better.

Thanks you for using Pinpoint Bookmarking™!


The Pinpoint Bookmarking™ app is a product of Enemy Tree, LLC™.


Enemy Tree, LLC™  is a Lincoln, California based bootstrapped technology startup that produces elegant software, hardware (someday), and service solutions to everyday problems. Enemy Tree LLC™ was founded in 2013 in San Jose, California, before moving to Longmont, CA, then moving again to Portland, OR, then moving again to Champaign/Urbana, IL, and now settling in Lincoln, CA. In 2013, we released our first product, Mosaiscope™, a next-genaration RSS-reader. In 2017, we released our second app, Pinpoint Bookmarking™, for iOS devices.


  • Patent # – 10,754,910
  • Name – Digital multimedia pinpoint bookmark device, method, and system



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